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Poker is part luck and part experience. Experience players win more and lose less.This is a series of video poker gambling tips of things to generally keep in mind.
1. understand your objectives.Gambling can be fun and sometimes that's what counts. If poker is a stress reducer and you have some money to gamble with , do it.Plenty of times I'll gamble not caring if I win or lose just playing the game is a fun adventure.
2.master basic poker concepts
3.blinds and antes : an ante is seed money put in the pot at the start of the game. blinds are used in texas holdem and omaha poker as enticements.
4.Know your fellow players. In internet gambling you can only see if players are making smart moves and you can use this as a gauge to their experience if they're less skilled you might get lucky.
5.Always double check you card before drawing. don't throw away good card. I noticed me doing that on occasion.
6.Don't play poker and drink , don't impair judgement or you might be considered a less skilled player.

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